Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Boys in Town

This weekend saw the boys in town - Rob Sharpe and John Tinsley, or as we have decided to call him A to Z, because of the amount of times he got lost over the weekend.

The weekend started with an heart attack on a plate, cooked by our own chef Rob.

After which Rob and AtoZ beat me silly on the Xbox 360 for a couple of hours.

In the afternoon we decided that a bit of culture was in order, so we went on a journey to the British Museum. We traveled through Egypt looking at how Mummification work, before heading over to Japan. It was there we found an sign written in 1682, with the inscription;

Christianity has been forbidden for many years. Of course, if there is someone suspicious you must report them. Rewards will be given as follows;

For handing over a priest - 500 pieces of silver
For handing over a brother (monk) - 300 pieces of sliver
For handing over someone who has returned to their (christian) faith - 100 pieces of sliver
For handing over someone who shelters Christians, or is an ordinary believer - 100 pieces of sliver

We decided we were very grateful for being in England during the 21st century. Next it was onto the Fobiden Planet were Rob found his perfect cup.

After AtoZ set us the channgel to get a coffee from a unchanged coffee shop, which by the way isn't as easy as you would expect. Once we had succeed by going to the LCM coffee shop in Covent Garden, we headed back home to watch Casino Royal before going to see the new Bond film Quantum of Solace.

Finally it was home for a late night of gaming and of course pizza.

When it came to Sunday morning we did however regret the late night as it was up early for Church in Soho.

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  1. A while since u posted - don't think that just because people aren't posting here they aren't lookin - personally i added u as a link so u are always at the top of my page when i am WWWing. I sugest others do the same.
    What sort of stuff is the fair trade shop doing? Anything we don't see elsewhere? Something interesting for Christmas pressie perhaps?