Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Quick update

I realize I haven't been very good at updating this that regularly. When you work for a church, Christmas time, for some reason, seems to be the most busiest time of the year. So just briefly ill bring you up to date with what we have been doing.

Over the the last week or so we have had three Carol services in Covent Garden and Soho. All have been attended by non-Christians.

We have been carrying on with our open air evangelism in Covent Garden. This time of the year is the hardest to do this type of work. People have just got their heads down and are running to the next shop.

Last Saturday 20th I was invited to preach at an youth event held by Child's Hill Baptist. This was a good time, of party games and food, and was attended by a mixture of Christians and non-Christians. We looked at the same subject as our carol service 'What difference would it make if Jesus' birth was canceled?'.

Last Thursday 18th we went Carol Singing around 4 local estates. All of them saw people walking out onto their balcony's, opening windows or even coming down to join in the singing! It was a good time to use Christmas to raise the profile of the church.

Finally then I was in Trafalgar Square the other day, and found myself some what taken back and confused. This year (and it might be every year) they had a nativity scene, which is situated in a big glass box. At first glance even though its slightly Catholic looking its encouraging, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, the Wise men, an Angel, and even Jesus were all in attendance. However I was slightly confused with an extra women standing holding a jug (situated top right of the picture). Anyone got any ideas who this might be?

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